2006 Heartland Triathlon

“I did it,” Sheila Taormina told ESPN.com reporter Elizabeth Merrill after a less-than-stellar showing at the Beijing Olympics. “I didn’t quit.”
But, for the then-39 1/2 year old, getting to the Summer Olympics in 2008 was nothing short of a record book entry. Having earned a gold medal as part of a swimming relay team at the 2006 Summer Olympics at Atlanta, Ga., she added cycling and running to her repertoire and returned to the 2000 Summer Olympics in triathlon and again in 2004. She finished 6th and 23rd, respectively.
Then, she added fencing, show jumping (equestrian) and shooting to her arsenal to be the first female to qualify for the Olympics in three disciplines: swimming, triathlon and modern pentathlon.
Taormina might pen a book about her athletic adventures, according to Merrill’s article.  If so, we at Heartland Triathlon hope she’ll remember to include a paragraph about the great people she met in 2006, when she helped us make history with our first event that set the tempo for every race we have put on since. In addition to a filled-to-capacity Pasta Bash the night before the big race, Sheila donned her swim cap, rode her bike and strode in her kicks as part of the “Dream Team,” which came in second place to local Team Broen (through no fault of Ms. Taormina).
Wherever Sheila’s endeavors take her now, she will always have a special place in the heart of Heartland Triathlon.

Date Guest Speaker Results

July 15 & 16, 2006

Olympic Medalist & Triathlon Champion

Sheila Taormina


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